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Shawn Black 

Shawn Black is the owner/photographer at Couture Black, a boudoir studio located in Boston, MA. as well as the new owner & president of AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers). Shawn is best know for the dramatic lighting & editorial look of his images which has made him one of the most recognized photographers in the genre. He’s written for & had his work featured across the top industry publications & in 2019 was named the AIBP Photographer of the Year. While being behind the camera creating will always be his first love, he’s always been passionate about pushing the genre forward & educating which is why in 2021 he acquired & became president of AIBP. This move has allowed him to further advocate & educate for the boudoir community

How to build a boudoir brand that stands out

I'll discuss how to construct a brand that stands out from the pack by creating imagery and an experience that pushes your clients beyond just traditional boudoir. I'll guide you through dynamic posing and lighting setups designed to create images that your clients will desire in their albums and on their walls. In addition we’ll discuss how the incorporation of maternity boudoir as well as more epic editorial boudoir styled sessions that use elaborate wardrobe and locations will separate your brand from the competition. Attendees will learn branding/ marketing techniques, IPS and client processes that work to provide a sustainable prosperous business as well as leave with a wealth of portfolio level work from guided shooting opportunities.

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