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Kristy Steeves M.Photog, M.Artist, Cr, CPP, F-ASP

Kristy Steeves graduated from Indiana University with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in journalism and political science. She worked as a television news reporter for 25 years before switching careers to become a professional photographer. She specializes in children, high school seniors, corporate headshots, pets, and wildlife. Kristy is actively involved in the photography industry serving as a PPA approved international juror and an elected council member. She also serves on the Board of Governors with the American Society of Photographers.Kristy has won various awards including 4 television Emmy awards, PPA Diamond Photographer of the Year, Ohio Photographer of the Year and is a two-time finalist for the IPC Grand Imaging Award with 2nd place in the Photographic Open Album Category. She has earned PPA’s 100EDU speaker bar and is the recipient of the Imaging Excellence award. Kristy is also an ASP Fellow which is the highest honor a professional photographer can achieve.

The Whole Enchilada!

It’s the whole enchilada wrapped up in one program! Lighting, posing, storytelling, editing and turning the fear of failure into photographic success! It will be served up with a heaping portion of savory ingredients designed to tantalize the tastebuds. Come check out the menu, taste the cuisine, and go home with your favorite recipe for creating your own masterpiece.

Kristy Steeves, M.Photog, M.Artist, Cr, CPP, F-ASP, is a PPA approved international juror, a master of lighting and posing, and an award winning storyteller. Her mission: to share what she has learned in hopes of inspiring others to hone their skills, harness their talent, combat their fear of failure, and ultimately, reach for the stars

Photography is not just about figuring out the right aperture, lens sharpness or your camera settings. It’s also about important elements such as controlling light and shadows; proper posing, artful storytelling and image editing. A picture without a story is just that: a superficial picture. Without a story, the photography has no depth, no personal meaning, no emotion. An image with a story is the catalyst in triggering a chain reaction of emotions making it memorable, iconic and impactful. A portrait that lacks controlled light direction is flat. A client posed improperly will not look their best. Editing can transform an ordinary photo into an extraordinary image. Photography is an art form that requires a lot of skill, patience and knowledge in all of these areas.

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