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Cris & Deanna Duncan

Lighting for Sales

Cris and Deanna Duncan operate C j Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas. They have had the honor of photographing everything from weddings to families to corporate clients and even two Presidents. In over a dozen years, they have been published in numerous national magazines and acquired many industry accolades including GIA (Grand Imaging Award). However, what means the most is their daughter, family and the life they lead working together in the art form they love. Cris and Deanna are both contributors to PPA EDU. Cris is the founder of Find Your Focus Photographic Education.

Cris Duncan M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.,CPP

Why you should take this class:

  • LEARN LIGHTING:  Light anywhere, in any situation, with any light

  • APPLY LIGHTING PRINCIPLES:  Why does it do that?  How can it work for me?

  • SUCCEED:  Light, compose and design with the end in mind to ensure profitable sessions—Every time.


Cris and Deanna Duncan have a passion for people.  Their greatest joy comes in seeing others succeed.  Cris is often labeled “Mr. CPP” as he is only one of a few PPA (Professional Photographers of America) approved CPP instructors and he often brags about his students’ passage rates.  He’s the geek that loves the technical side of photography and his humor, wit and eye for detail have earned him a spot as an International Print Competition (IPC) juror.  To balance Cris, Deanna brings the “softer” side of photography, but she geeks out on understanding personalties and bringing them out in front of the camera.  


When not traveling the country teaching, Cris and Deanna are at home in Lubbock, Texas operating C j Duncan Photography where they specialize in family, senior and commercial photography.  On occasion, they photograph newborns, but that is just so Deanna can laugh when they pee on Cris’ favorite shirts.  They are both Master Photographic Craftsmen and the founders of Find Your Focus Photographic Education.

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