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Dennis Hammon M. Photog., Cr., CPP, F-PPI, F-IPPA, F-ASP

     Dennis Hammon is a native of Idaho, growing up on a small farm, but had the itch to see the world and travel. Thanks National Geographic. With degrees in biology and geology he added photography to his education and 45 years later he is still doing what he loves.

     He has earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman from PPA. He was one of the first photographers in the country to become certified and later on served on the certification committee for PPA. He has been on PPA Council for over 35 years, Affiliate Juror for over 33 years, served as President of ASP most recently as well as receiving the Fellow of Photography from ASP. Serving his local affiliates has been president of Idaho and Utah PPA’s and been honored to have received 4 National Awards for his service to the photographic industry.

Fine Art Landscape-Beyond the postcard

Do you ever journey out on an adventure to photograph only to return disappointed?

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres today, but it takes patience and

understanding of the natural world to do it well. This program will motivate you to venture


With the 12 elements of a merit print in mind, you’ll learn to visualize and interpret the scene, to capture and portray not just what you saw but what you want the viewer to feel.

Be inspired to find the grand landscape as well as intimate details of nature that so many ignore, When properly captured and displayed you‘ll have works of art to show off in homes, offices and enter into competition .

We will cover how to look at an image, and what to include or exclude to produce the image you want.

We will investigate how different lenses will give you the desired perspective and, how to use atmospheric conditions to create the mood you’ll love. We will look at how the perspective changes with different lens that will alter how you look at the scene.

Dennis will show images to guide you in learning to see the composition of the landscape with discovering and finding the light to enhance the scene.

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